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To sleep well and wake up refreshed. What a perfect dinner should be

27 Feb, 2023

If you want to wake up energetic and have enough energy for the whole day, pay special attention to the last meal.

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Very important functions. What does the microbiome affect?

28 Feb, 2023

The gut microbiome is better studied than other human bacterial communities, and it is it that has the greatest impact on the health of its host

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About the effects on health, intelligence and psyche.

3 Mar, 2023

Most adult problems begin in childhood, including a relationship with food that is far from moderate, reasonable, and respectful of one's own body.

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To gain strength. How to eat during fasting with maximum benefit.

7 Mar, 2023

Every year, many people observe Great Lent, and since it is quite a long time, let's clarify what to pay attention to when preparing a diet.

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Turns on and off. How food affects our genes

8 Mar, 2023

Genes in the cells of our body are in different states — they can be activated at certain stages of our life and under certain circumstances.

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To improve the quality of life. How to improve your diet and health

10 Mar, 2023

Our behavior during food consumption greatly affects important signaling systems that control appetite, hunger, and satiety by regulating the production of the corresponding hormones.

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Maria Ionescu

I am very satisfied with this blog! Thanks to him, I started to manage my health and changed my eating habits for the better. Lots of useful information and advice to help me live a healthy and happy life.

Dinu Alexandra

I've always been too lazy to think about my health, but this blog made me think about what I eat and how it affects my body. I am very grateful to the author for this information and for inspiring me to live a healthy life.

Andrey Popescu

I always wanted to start exercising and eat right, but I didn't know where to start. This blog has given me many ideas and tips that have helped me take the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle. I recommend this blog to anyone who wants to change their habits and improve their health!

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